Pier and Beam Repair


Another common type of home foundation, especially in Texas, is a pier and beam foundation. This is an elevated type of foundation, where the home is placed on raised piers and beams. This particular type of foundation is more suited for weather in Texas, hence it’s reasonable popularity. This is the reason why we also offer pier and beam foundation repair and drainage repair as part of our range, so you can always get the best foundation repair team to look after your foundation, no matter the type you have. This specific service is also important when you consider this type of foundation has a range of different problems when compared with concrete slabs.

Any Foundation Type

The type of foundation you have doesn’t need to stop you from getting the best and most comprehensive repair service on offer. Our team is trained to handle a wide range of different types of foundations, including pier and beam and block and base foundations. These particular types of foundations are quite common in Texas, especially in older homes, as they more resistant against flooding and storms. Though they come with there own set of problems too. We have both repair and maintenance services for pier and beam foundations.


The common issue that pier and beam foundations can face is rotting and mold growth. Both these can be quite difficult to deal with. This probably primarily occurs as the wood of the foundation is exposed to excessive moisture. Both rot and mold can spread and quickly and impact your entire foundation, so getting on to us once you notice a problem is the best way to comprehensively tackle the issue. We can effectively repair the damage, and further issues, that both rotting and mold growth can cause in your foundation, so you can avoid further headaches.


Prevention is often a good step to take when it comes to pier and beam foundations, and we offer preventative maintenance for pier and beam foundations. Our team knows all the early warning signs that a problem might be developing, especially mold and rot. As mentioned, both can be tricky to effectively deal with and eliminate once they really take hold. In most cases, removing mold requires a specialist and an expensive treatment. So getting on top of the problem early by using our preventative maintenance services is a great way to save money and prevent problems and hassle.

Further Issues

Although rotting and mold growth are some of the more serious issue that pier and beam foundations can face, the impact they can have on your home doesn’t stop there. Like other foundation types, pier and beam foundations can also see settling problems. With this particular type of foundation, the problem lies in the fact that the foundation piers can sink and settle at different rates and levels. The major impact of this on your home is often uneven floors, which can problematic for a range of reasons. We have all the solutions that you need for effectively deal with this problem.