Settling can be a serious problem, but it’s not just a problem that limited to your foundation. Almost any concrete surface around your home, whether it’s your driveway, patio or walkways, can experience settling if the wrong circumstances occur. Settling can cause a range of different damage, depending on the surface in question. When it comes to walkways and driveways, it can cause cracking, which creates a further range of issues. When it comes to your foundation, long term, it could well cause serious damage to your home. Mudjacking is one method that can be used to correct any settling problems that you may have.


Mudjacking is an effective method for not only repairing the foundation of your home, but a range of other concrete surfaces that you might have too. Mudjacking is a technique used to correct settlement problems. It’s when a series of holes are drilled into the concrete surface and a mixture water, soil and cement is pumped into the holes. This can lift the slab or concrete surface and help to correct any settlement problems that may have developed. This is solution that our team knows how to effectively apply in a range of situations.

Foundation Repair

Mudjacking is a concrete settlement repair technique that can be used as part of foundation repair and house leveling. If your home is built on a concrete slab, the slab can begin to have settling problems over time, in particular if there’s a moisture problem, either lack of or too much, with your soil. Mudjacking can be a way to correct this problem and prevent the very serious damage that settling problems can cause for your home. Given the serious nature of repair work, many people can be concerned. However, Mudjacking is a simple and effective way to repair your foundation if you have any settling problems.

Other Applications

Mudjacking isn’t just a method for foundation repair, and it can be an effective way to repair a range of other concrete surfaces around your home. It can be used for paths, patios, driveways, concrete floors and any other concrete surfaces that you may have. Most any concrete surface can begin to settle if the wrong conditions are present. So, if you begin to notice any of the concrete surfaces around your home beginning to sink or settle, you know that we have the effective solution to the problem.


Using Mudjacking too not only repair any settling problems with your foundation but any concrete surfaces around your home can have a real range of benefits. Firstly, mudjacking is quick and effective. It’s only a day or two after the application of the mixture that’s inserted is ready to bear weight and be used, compared to almost a month if you install new concrete. On top of this, there’s no need to damage or tear up your concrete surface. It’s also, generally, a more cost-effective alternative. In short, it’s an easy, cost effective and damage free way to repair any serious settling problems.