Drainage Repair


There are a wide range of things can contribute to problems with your foundation, some which you might not think about or even realise. A perfect example is the drainage set up around your home. Repairing your drains and mudjacking when there’s a problem, or having a drainage set up that sufficiently meets your needs, is important for foundation care. Water left to pool and stagnate around your home can easily seep into your foundation and can cause many different issues. This is why taking any drainage problems around your home seriously is something you should do. We offer a range of drainage repair solutions.

Drainage Repair

Ensuring that the drains around your home are in top shape is part of looking after the foundation of your home. Why is this the case? Because water that isn’t drained away from your home quickly and effectively can begin to pool around your home and seep into your foundation. Water is one of the major causes of foundation problems and issues and can contribute to everything from a cracked slab to settling problems. We are the foundation experts that offer drainage repair, so you off set this further risk to your foundation.

Potential Problems

There’s a real array of serious problems that water can have if it’s allowed to seep into your foundation, especially if you have concrete slab. Concrete is a porous material, meaning it can absorb water. The problem here is water freezing and thawing in colder weather can cause a serious damage to concrete. This risk is further heightened if there are any cracks in your slab, which water can get into more easily. Water around your foundation can also cause settling issues, as it can wash away the soil. Settling problems can result in the need for house leveling is some cases and could cause serious structural damage.

Prevention Method

Being sure that water is drained safely and properly away from your home is a good form of preventative care for your foundation. It’s always easier to avoid having problems to begin with, and repairing your drainage when you have any problems, or installing a set up that suits your home, is simple way in which you can prevent foundation problems. We don’t just offer solutions to problems, we can help you to actively take steps to look after your home before any problems occur. So, you can take it easy and know you are already covered.

Effective Solutions

When it comes to drainage repair, we are the team with all the effective solutions. We say solutions because there are a wide range of drainage issues that you might have. So, you need a team that has the solution for every problem that you might face with your drainage. Whatever drainage problem you face, we have just the solution that you need to prevent or mitigate any risk to your foundation and home. Whether it’s installing a particular type of drain, adding something to your current system or any other form or repair.