​​Concrete Slab Repair

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Most modern homes are built on concrete foundation slabs, and this practice has become widespread for a good reason. However, all the benefits of having a concrete foundation don’t mean it’s immune from damage or problems. In fact, there are more than a few common problems that your foundation could face if the wrong set of circumstances occur. This isn’t a cause for major concern, though. Our team can comprehensively pier beam repair any foundation problems that you might have and mitigate any risk to your home. So, you can always be confident any undue damage won’t be impacting your home.

Concrete Foundations

A concrete foundation slab is most likely the type of foundation that your home has. Given the durability and reliability of concrete, they have become a widespread and typical choice for home foundations. Durability doesn’t quite equal problem and damage free, though. There’s a range of problems that your concrete foundation slab can often face. This includes things like cracks, which can appear and begin to occur for a range of reasons, and settling problems. Long term, any issue with your foundation slab could pose a serious risk to your home, so getting it repaired when you discover a problem is always recommended.


One of the more common, and perhaps serious, problems that your concrete foundation can incur is cracks. Cracks can often be the first warning sign you get of other serious problems, like settling, starting to occur. Though this is only half the problem. A foundation crack could well allow water to seep into your foundation. Water, although you might not realise it, can cause real damage to concrete, especially as it freezes over and thaws in cooler weather. This is why repairing a cracked slab can be so important. It can help to prevent further, avoidable, damage.


Depending on the type of soil you have, your foundation could well face settling problems. Settling is the term used to describe when a concrete foundation slab begins to sink further into the soil than it should, causing your home to sink too in some cases. This is a common cause of cracks and other structural damage that you might begin to notice around your home, so it’s a problem you need to take very seriously. We offer a range of solutions for settlement repair and even offer structural damage repair to deal with the damage any settling problems cause.


Given the serious nature of foundation repairs, the first thing you might often be concerned about when you have a foundation problem is the cost. So, how much does foundation repair costs? Of course, the cost will always be impacted by a number of factors, including the type of problem you, how early it’s discovered and the nature of the work that needs to be done to correct it. We offer the most reasonable foundation repair cost and waiting will only increase the cost and price that your home has to pay.